At Zoe Wellness Center, we are a Private Membership Association, proud to introduce the International Health Technology’s BioScan System; an innovative approach that offers a non-invasive and comprehensive insight into your body’s health. This state-of-the-art system is a game-changer in healthcare, providing vital information without the need for scratch testing or injections.

The Benefits of the BioScan System

  • Non-Invasive Sensitivity Screening: The BioScan System utilizes advanced technology to perform sensitivity screenings that are completely non-invasive. This means you can avoid the discomfort and stress associated with traditional methods.
  • Nutritional Evaluations: Our system doesn’t just stop at detecting imbalances; it also provides valuable nutritional evaluations. This can be a crucial step for those seeking nutritional balance and a healthier lifestyle.
  • Complementary Health Approaches: By analyzing the body’s energetic state, the BioScan System can suggest complementary approaches, aiding in achieving a more harmonious balance in your body.
  • Testing for Toxicity and Drainage Levels: Understanding your body’s toxicity and drainage levels is key to maintaining good health. The BioScan System helps in assessing these factors and their impact on your energy and organ functions, guiding you towards better health.
  • Personalized Healthcare Program: After the initial assessment, the BioScan System helps in crafting a personalized healthcare program, specifically tailored to your needs. Periodic retesting ensures that your program is effective and adapted to your evolving health goals.
  • Motivation Through Progressive Testing: The journey to better health is ongoing, and the BioScan System offers progressive testing to keep you motivated and on track. This continuous feedback loop is designed to empower you and ensure the effectiveness of your personalized health strategy.

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Zoe Wellness Center, formerly Knoxville Reflexology Inc. established in 1995, is your destination for holistic health combined with cutting-edge technology. Our Center specializes in autoimmunity, pain relief, and cellular detoxification, offering a comprehensive approach that encompasses body, mind, and spirit.

With a variety of treatment options, we cater to different needs – whether it’s improving circulation, easing pain, or simply indulging in self-care. Our certified reflexologist, with over 25 years of experience, leads a team dedicated to providing exceptional care. For those in Knoxville and surrounding areas, discover the difference at Zoe Wellness Center in the Tate’s Gallery, 1059 N. Cedar Bluff Road, next to Ham & Goodies.

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