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We are surrounded by millions of bacteria, viruses and other germs every day that have the potential to enter our bodies and cause harm. The immune system, which is made up of special cells, proteins, tissues, and organs, defends us against germs and microorganisms every day. In most cases, the immune system does a great job of keeping us healthy and preventing infections. But sometimes problems with the immune system can lead to illness and infection.

If our immune system cannot do its job effectively, the results can be serious.

Disorders of the immune system include:

  • Allergy and asthma – immune responses to substances that are usually not harmful
  • Immune deficiency diseases – disorders in which the immune system is missing one or more of its parts
  • Autoimmune diseases – diseases causing our immune system to attack the body’s cells and tissues by mistake (e.g. Celiac disease, Crohn’s, Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Lupus, Lyme’s disease,  Sjorgren’s, Ulcerative Colitis and Vitiligo)

Here at Zoe Wellness Center we are especially aware of the significance of people who are dealing with autoimmune diseases. So much so that the owner, Carrie Wagner, is working on a research project to help those who are faced with these issues to be able to understand the root of their problem so they can find answers on their path to better health. Using thermography, following a gluten–free diet and being aware of your emotional stress levels, as well as environmental and heavy metal toxicity are just a few of the key components of the study. If you’re interested, have more questions and/or want to participate in the study please call our office at 865-588-1911.

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