Heart Health with Carrie Wagner

Certified Registered Reflexologist and Thermography Technician

Carrie Wagner here, coming to you in my very first blog!

Since heart disease is still the #1 health concern in America, I thought I would start off by sharing some health tips that you can do daily for better heart health:

1. With your Right Index Finger, find your Heart Reflex on your Left Hand, top of hand, dorsal side, under the Left Ring Finger.
Gently massage this heart reflex when you are under stress, running late, feeling like your blood pressure is too high, or too low, or you are feeling fatigued. This safe technique can help improve blood flow and nerve supply to and from the heart, which can help your body achieve homeostasis, or balance, much faster. You cannot do this wrong or hurt yourself in any way. A few seconds or 1 minute should be sufficient.

2. With you Right Index Finger or Right Thumb, find your Heart Reflex on your Left Foot, top of foot, dorsal side, just under the Left Ring Toe. Use same instructions as above.

3. Find Lower Valley inside of your Left Ear. Massage gently with either Left Index or Left Little Finger to break up crystalline deposits on those nerve endings.

4. Finding Circulation/Heart Facial Reflexology points are easy to find if you have any wrinkles on your forehead. Working gently on, above and below the wrinkle lines to increase circulation, blood and nerve supply throughout the body from the face lines or meridians.


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